Ways to Enjoy Weekend Nights!

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Come Saturday and almost everyone is gripped with the Saturday night fever. But there are certain tips to enjoy the night even more.

Always have a designated driver if you go in a group. This way you can assure that everyone will be safe on your way back and you can enjoy without any tension.

Never accept a drink from anyone. Nowadays it has become a very common practice for bad elements to mix drinks with drugs and dupe innocent people especially girls. This has lead to numerous cases of misconduct with girls.

Always make sure that your parents or your friends or some acquaintance knows about your whereabouts. You might lose track of time while partying, so if someone knows about the location you are at it would help them trace you in case of emergency or any problem.

Always try to party at popular joints. Avoid shady and unknown destinations as these places are more prone to misconducts. Popular joints have a reputation to live up to. So such places take special care in ensuring a healthier environment for its clients.

Try and ensure that the place you are partying at has ample open space. A small and overcrowded place can be claustrophobic and lead to a lot of pushing and accidents. Also if there isn’t any open space, your lungs might start feeling suffocated in a smoky bar or pub after some time.

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