Panchakarma in Ayurved

In most of the SPA who are providing Ayurvedic treatment in some form (Few or all the following treatments are available) which is part of Panchkarma treatment in Ayurved.

Lets take a quick look what they mean literally

Snehan – Massage

It’s the most soothing treatment being done all over the world. Ayurvedic Snehan incorporates the use of different oils and other unctuous materials. Various kinds of medicated oils, ghee etc are used to alleviate pain, fatigue and for many other purposes.

Swedan – Fomentation

Fomentation usually follows the oleation for better results. It can be using steam or other measures. Steam box, Nadi-swed and different varieties of sauna can be used.

Vaman – Induced Emesis

It is a prime Panchakarma procedure that eliminates vitiated Kapha mainly and up to certain extent Pitta. This vitiated Kapha and Pitta are responsible for numerous disorders like Asthma, hyper acidity etc. It is a well controlled emesis induced with specific herbs and their decoctions.

Virechan – Induced Purgation

This is done with strong purgatives that eliminate the vitiated doshas (vitiated rudiments) out of the body and ultimately cleanse the body. This procedure is mainly recommended for Pitta and Vata disorders.

Basti – Medicated Enema

Enema containing various medicines in form of herbs, decoctions, honey, oil etc is given for particular diseases. The purpose is not just the cleansing of colons but the alleviation of doshas too. It proves to be a very effective remedy in a number of diseases including orthopedic & neurological disorders, obesity etc.

NasyaErrhine Therapy

It is the nasal route of administration of medicines. It usually recommended for diseases affecting shoulders, neck and head region e.g. Cervical Spondylitis, Chronic rhinitis (Common Cold), Neuralgias etc. Medicines can be in form of decoction, milk, juice, powder or fumes.

Raktamokshan – Blood Letting

Letting a certain quantity of blood out of the body eliminates vitiated Pitta out of the body; stimulates the production of good quality blood tissue and thus helps in a number of ailments involving blood tissue and Pitta. It is done in two ways viz. Leech treatment and with the help of needle and syringe through vein. Leeches when applied over the affected part of the body suck the blood up to their capacity and then leave the surface on their own.


It is a uniform flow of medicated oil / decoction over the forehead for certain period of time. It calms the mind and relieves the stress. It is commonly recommended in various neurological and other disorders of head region.


The medicated oil / medicine is allowed to rest over the head with help of a leather cap. It is beneficial in various psychological and neurological ailments.


It is a different kind of oleation where warm oil is squeezed from the pieces of cloth over the body. The procedure is valuable in Vata disorders including orthopedic and neurological manifestations. The utmost echelon of oleation can be achieved in this procedure.


This is a variety of fomentation done with the help of rice grains cooked in medicinal herbs. The rice filled in cotton bags is dipped in hot medicinal liquid and massaged all over the body. It is useful in muscular & musculo-skeletal disorders and various other painful conditions.


This is a kind of Thermal Cautery done in painful conditions and some other ailments like corn.


Lukewarm oil / medicine in liquid form is allowed to rest over the chest region to benefit in cardiac disorders.


Lukewarm oil / medicine in liquid form is allowed to rest over the lumbar region to impart the unctuousness and alleviate Vata in Vata disorders like arthritis, spondylitis and degenerative manifestations.


Here Oil or ghee is used to nourish the eyes. It is allowed to rest over the affected eye with the help of a ring and sealing agent.

It is recommended in various ophthalmic disorders.

So now you know what these names means

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